Nov 9, 2013

Review : Make Over Eye Brow Pencil - Brown To Earth

Hello Gorgeous!!

How do you do?
How important are brow for you?
People always says brow is frame of the eyes and brow can change your look.
and i agree with that, eye brow shape can make us look younger or older..
so today i would love to talk about an eye brow pencil with you..
This eyebrow pencil is one of Indonesia Makeup Brand, and i love most of products from this brand including what i will review for you now.

here is the product

simple packaging like other brow pencil with transparent cap.

and here's the swatch

you can see there is truly brown color, not reddish color or dark brown color.. and i think this is the right color for people who have dark brow like most of Asian ladies..
the texture, not to hard, not to creamy. it makes this pencil so easy to glide on your face. but i found the color is not too intense, so you need to push it a little bit harder and this makes you need to layer the line to achieve color you want, which is good too, so you wont do a harsh brow line.. the color is easy to swipe off

now almost a month i use this brow pencil. i always use this make over eye brow pencil for most of my tutorial in October.. you can check my brow there..

here is my brow in latest tutorial

can you see the different brow shape i done in photo below?

 so, the bottom line

- easy to use
- good brown color
-adjustable thickness

- needs to be sharpened
- easy to swipe off

for the price, i cant said this cheap or expensive.. it base on your point of views..
This product cost IDR 49.000 (<$5)

hope i dont miss a thing in reviewing this product..
if yu have something you want to know more, just leave me comment below




  1. wooo, lovin those eyes. Intip donk lower lashes apa yg dkau pake. Gw mupeng =P

    1. Itu lower lashnya yg biasa, cma ku ptng jdi setengah.. trus aku jga ga tau mereknya, beli di psr baru.. hehehee

  2. warnanya pigmented banget yaa >.<

    1. Harus gmbr bbrp x bru terang bgtu warnanya, makanya ketebalannya bisa kita sesuaikan.. dibgian gada rmbut alis gmbr lbh tebel, di bgian ada rmbut tipis2 aja..hihihi :)

  3. aku suka eyebrow yg sheer gini ri, lebih semangat pakenya, kl yg lgsg bold gitu suka ribet gara hrs hati2 xixi
    anw, km hrs coba lip linernya..cantikkk abis!! :p


    1. iaaa, aku juga sukaaa bgt, aku pake ini mulu sebulan terkahir, jatuh cinta akuu.. ahhahaha
      aduh aku diracuni lg.. hihiihi ntar nyoba ah.. :p
      maacii kak dewiee :D

  4. mupeeeng >.< pinsil alisku gak abis-abis padahal udah pengen banget beli merk lain :)

    1. Ihihihi, ayo dicoba ayoo.. bagus lhoo.. *meracuni.. hihihi