Oct 23, 2013

Review : ITSDIVA Lashes in 86 and 87 series

 Heloo Gorgeous!!

 Do you love false lashes?? me?? I love lashes a lot!!!
So, when Mrs. Mui and ITSDiva Lashes doing a giveaway, i do join , and lucky me, she pick me to be one of the winner.

And here is the ITSDIVA Lashes...

 i got 2 series of lashes, upper lashes and lower lashes..

Now, let me introduce you to ITSDIVA Lashes,  I'm proud to say this is an Indonesian product.
There is Made in Indonesia label in the box :D
ITSDIVA Lashes have cute packaging, pink with white lace ornament box. each box have 3 pairs of lashes which i love.. i think with 3 pairs in 1 box that is more efficient and economical. usually after we use the lashes, we just throw the box, so much trash we do with this box.  we can save the earth and global warming by not using too much box like what ITSDIVA done.. :D

ITSDIVA Lashes is super cheap!! 1 box just Rp 17.500 (around $ 1.7) we got 3 pairs lashes with that much money... :D super cheap!! with good quality of course..

ITSDIVA Lashes have so various lashes model natural, sexy, glamour, elegant, cute, dolly and others, just choose what you love...

and now i will do review for 1 glamour look lashes and 1 cute look lashes :) --> i named this my self, because in my opinion the lashes are good for those 2 looks..

Here is The ItsDiva #87 series. 

first impression for this lashes "Wooow!! so thick..." i think this kind of lashes is good for bridal, and glamour look..
Some of my friends said when they go to party and using false lashes, they feels the lashes are so heavy and not comfortable, so most of people must be scared to wear this thick looking lashes, but This lashes is different..
This lashes are so comfortable, not heavy at all, i almost feels like i dont wear any lashes and also so soft and easy to bent..
look at my photo wearing this lashes, this lashes can open my eyes, but not look too much (lebay). still soft and sweet..
Here i do a Glamour bridal Look with this lashes, you can click the photo to see the tutorial.

And here is ItsDiva #86 series

And for this lashes, my first impression "so cute XD". This lashes i think usually used for kawaii gyaru look, and dolly look.
for this lashes, they are long, but when you take a pict, it will be look like your natural lashes there.. :D so goood
You can check my tutorial for this look by clicking the photo.

Okayy, from  all itsdiva lashes series, i'm so happy i got this 2 kind of lashes, i love them so much..
the one i love the most is #87 series. i ever tried other lashes like this, but this is look more sweet and not too much, so i more love this more..

If you are interested in trying this eyelash, you can check
Lin L. Wijaya -- 081932006006
fb: ItsDiva Onlineshop
T: @ItsDivaCorner

Thats all my opinion on this lashes, tried it your self beauties...:D
hope to get good response from you too..
Thank you so much for dropping by, see you on my next  post




  1. kirain seri 86 gak kelihatan, ternyata oh ternyata bikin kawaiii mata nyoooo ~~~~

    1. Hihihi, iaa, sgt berpengaruh lho itu bulumata, ga bole ketinggalan biar kelihatan kawaiii :)

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaak baguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus

    1. Aaakkk, makasii ce..
      Makasi aku dikasi bulumata ini jugaaa, bagusss, aku sukaaa <3 <3

  3. cocok deh cyn kamu pake bulmat yang tebel itu ^_^


    1. Aww,, makasiii :*
      Aku juga suka bgt itu bulumatanyaa :D