Mar 13, 2014

Review : Ageha Midnight Black

Hello Gorgeous!!

it's been a month since i wear Ageha midnight black, so now is time for me to do review for this pretty lens :) First time i open this, i don't expect much, because it was black and my iris is dark too, i think it won't have much different. i know you guys think that way too, "why we want to bought black lens when we our eyes is dark and there are much color lens option out there?? why don't just bought transparent one?".

 so here i am to tell you what you and me have missed! black lens are COOL!!!
this super cute lens is like the name, as black as the midnight. i super love this lens, why? because with this lens my eyes look bigger and seriously black. with this lens you can achive that cute dolly eyes just with a sec! So, there is HUGE different between black lens and transparent lens even in Asian dark eyes. Black lens can reinforce the dark color of your eyes, when transparent lens don't do anything to your eyes.

here i give you detail of Ageha Midnight Black.
- Diameter : 14.5 mm (16mm)
- normal andminus 0.00 ~ -8.00
- BC : 8.9
- price : Rp. 178.000,-

 and this is my eyes befor and after using ageha midnight black

in second row of that picture, you can see the different between my left and right eyes. left is with lens and right is withous..
see, this lens do make your eyes look bigger.
As always, Ageha lens is comfertable!even in quick tired eyes like mine. my eyes get tired easily after 4-5 hours look at monitor, pretty quick right?? using this lens doesnt make it more bad. i still can look at monitor for 4 hours and more..
 and if i go out all day long using ageha, i never bring the solution, so i never put any drop until  i go back home ( around 6-8 hours) and right around that time my eyes need drop, so i dont need bring any solution, but i have to use it right when i arrive at home.
The important thing when you use softlens, you must be super clean and hygiene to make sure you dont irritated your eyes with any dirt..
try using softlensbefore you put on makeup and make sure your makeup product dont get into your eyes..

 so, are you ready to be as cute as a doll??
Try this Ageha Midnight Black now!!
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bisaa dipakai utk pembelanjaan selanjutnya.
so, thats all my opinion about this lens, hope you enjoy..
see you soon!'




  1. Wooo jadi gede banget ya lingkarannya. Cakep ^0^

    1. iaa ce, bikin mata jdi bulet gede kyk boneka.. hihihi

  2. Wah gini ya midnight black itu, aku juga punya cuma nangkring doang di lemari. Bagus ya ^_^

    1. ia beb, baguus, hayo dipakee.. biar matanya bulet gede kyk boneka.. hihihi

  3. aku emg pgn bangt nih beli iniiiii *nabung*

    1. kyaaa gita biar makin kawaii yah? hahahha~
      hayo sebar2 racun ke gita biar tabungannya cepet... hahahha