Mar 22, 2014

Review : Ageha Rich BLue

HEllo Gorgeous!!
 i'm back with Ageha review again!

 today i got newest Ageha design again.. thisone named Rich series. it have 2 colors, blue and grey. and now i will do review the blue one..
as you know, ageha got much blue and grey lens. but every design have their own unique and so different from each other.
and thiss one is super unique! it has black outer and inner ring, blue and yellow color in middle part. and all colors come in dots and spots! in my eyes, it looks like A mess, every color is scattering around.. hahaha but in between all that scattering colors, there is still have transparent part.  here i try to take really" good detail of the lens, hope this is clear enough.

AGEHA / Rich Series
Rich Blue 16mm
Normal lens ±0.00
Diameter saat dipakai16.0mm(DIA14.5mm)
BC 8.8
Isi:1 Kotak isi 2 Pcs (1Set)
JAPAN model
*LIMITED EDITI0N! 100 customers only!!

and here is mu eyes with and without ageha rich blue..
as you can see, the blue color is really" pop out, when the yellow is a bit off, because of my dark iris. so pretty right??
this lens pattern is so unique in my opinion, so different from the others, the blue and yellow and transparent color make a dimension in eyes, seriously i lose my word to describe this lens.. hahaha
for the comfortable, Ageha is always comfortable in my eyes, just make sure you clean the lens well! and trow it away when it was expired! Ageha just can be used for 6 months, so please dont make a mistake, because your eyes is important! take a good care of it..
do you have problem, your eyes dry quickly and hurts and you must use a drop every couple hours?? with Ageha, i dont feel it.. :)) i hope that happen to you either when you tried it.. :D

where to buy  Ageha Rich Blue??
at JAPAN Softlens of course
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bisaa dipakai utk pembelanjaan selanjutnya.

so, thats all i could say to you, i hope you found this is helpfull
see you on my next post!




  1. cantiiikk. jadi kayak boneka kalo dipake. cute2 gimana gitu kesannya. hehe.

    1. iaa.. :)) akhirnya kesampaian punya mata biru.. hihihi
      hayo cobain jugaa

  2. Wow, warnanya baagus. Terang bgt

    1. btul2.. birunya ageha sll bagus, terang, tpi yg ini paling terang sprtnya.. haha