Dec 18, 2013

Review : Ageha Lunatia Green

Hello gorgeous!!

how was your day?? awesome huh?

today i will review Ageha Lunatia Green Lens from Japan Softlens 
 here is the lens on my eyes... pretty right??

a lil bit share, its been long time ago i want have green eyes, and finally now i can have it.. <3 p="">

This Ageha Lunatia have seriously great color, sometimes, other lens cant appear the real bright color at black eyes, but this Ageha is super...
the color show up great but still look natural..
sorry for a lil blur on that pict.. :( my hands shaking.. huhuhu and i dont realize it.

Ageha now is pretty famous aroud all beauty blogger in Indonesia, we cant deny, great makeup need beautiful eyes to rock the look, and this ageha will do that for you :D
thats why this lens are famous around all pretty ladies now..
and along with that, now on JapanSoftlens is held a review contest with prize " trip to Japan"
you can read the detail here 

and here is the more closer detail look of this agea lunatia green
if you confuse with this pict, i look down at this pict, not into the camera lens.
Normal - Minus
Warna > green
Diameter > Diameter saat dipakai16.0mm (DIA14.5)
Masa Pakai > 6 Bulan
Base Curve > BC 8.8mm
Harga > Rp. 182,000
Merek > AGEHA / Lunatia Series

up there is pict after 6 hours using this lens without any drop..

so, in my opinion, this lens is :
+ so comfortable, 
+ cute, 
+ awesome color, 
+ beautiful, 
+ look natural not like 'fake eyes', LOL!  

so, if you want to give atry for this lens, you can get it from
JAPAN Softlens --> owner "Yulia"
Ageha Lunatia Green
Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡
klik link diatas dan dapatkan promo free ongkir p 15.000 dan poin 5% yg bisaa dipakai utk pembelanjaan selanjutnya..

as i know,  Yulia is the distributor for this lens, so if you see other shop sell this, they mihght be her reseller..

Thats all my words for this lens, if you love green eyes, you should try this one..
Thank you Ladies and Gents!

see you!




  1. Aiiiih bagusnyooooo~ *,*
    kemaren mau pesen yg warna hijau tapi takut nggak cucok, setelah liat review kamu jadi pengen yang ijoooo T,T

    1. yuhuu, baguus bgt yaaa ;)
      hayo order lg yg ijo... hahaha