Sep 25, 2014

Review : The Bath Box Sugar Lip Scrub + Luxurious Lip Balm

 Hello Gorgeous!!!

kiss and love from me, its been a while for me to do review things.. hehehe Today i will reviewing 2 lips products i've been used in a month. This 2 yummy product come from The Bath Box brand. I know this brand from @aischatz who was so kind and willing to send me their The Bath Box best selling product!
 Their best selling product contain 5 product, Luxurious lip balm, vanilalicious sugar lip scrub, arm & leg butter, Goats don't lie bar soap, and Goats don't lie liquid soap.

  for today, i will just reviewing 2 lip product first. If you look closer to the first picture, you can see, all the product have a super great packaging. They have a double plastic wrap to make sure every product are save to our hands. And this is the more clear picture for the products.

 let's discuss about the sugar lip scrub first.
 1. packaging.
the sugar lip scrub came in a cute little plastic jar + plastic cap. it contain quite a lot product. 

2. smell and texture.
As i know, The sugar lip scrub have 2 flavour, vanilla and chocolate. i got vanila one, and of course it smell like vanilla. the texture, i think the sugar have same size as sugar in the market, and i think it was too big to be lip scrub. i personally prefer smaller size of sugar to be in this lip scrub, but this size of sugar also works well on me.

3. ingredients
I copy this from @aischatz page, They said the lip scrub made by mixing Organic Sugar Cane, Brown Sugar,  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil,etc and they guaranty it is save to be eated.

4. result on me
as you can see at the pict before, before i used the product, i have dry and dead lip skin, after i rub it a few times with the scrub, and clean it, the dead skin was picked up with the sugar without hurting your lip. usually when you have dead lip skin, and you try to pick it, it will hurt your skin. but with all the butter and oil this scrub contain, it helps to calm your lips, make the skin soft and easy to remove the dead skin. I suggest you to scrub your lips minimal twice a weeks, to make sure your lips keep healthy and not dull.

5. Price
this cost Rp 35.000,- ($3) for 15gr
 And now time to discuss about the lip balm. how often you use lip balm before lipstick? for me, always.. :)
it keep my lip moist, even when i use matte lipstick.
 1. packaging.
for packaging, it just same like most of lip balm in the market, come in a twist tub. no complain at all, because twist tube is more easy than a jar, right??

 2. smell and texture
The lip balm have vanilla scents same like the sugar lip scrub. This lip balm came in 3 color, pink, clear and peach. This lip Balm feels creamy, easy to apply, moist, a little oily.

3. Ingredients
From @aischatz , they said this luxurious lip balm main ingredients is ARGAN OIL, and they also blend peach kernel oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, soy butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, etc in it

4. result on me
actually i like this product the most, compare to other The Bath Box product. It do seriously make my lips moist and soft, and no more dry cracking lips. |I use this product everyday. compare to other lip balm like eos, i got same result, but eos one is smelly (the peach one), i can't stand the smell. and compare to vaseline petroleum jelly, vaseline is too oily. so, for me this one is the best for now, great smell, doing great job on my lips, doesn't give me oily lips.

5. Price
its on Rp 40.000,- ($4) a tube.

I think thats all i can told you for now. and if there is any question, please do not hesitate to leave your question below.. :)

 if you interested to the product, you can contact
LINE : aischatz
WA : 0856.116.1439 (NO SMS)
Email :

so, thank you for reading, i hope this can help you guys who now searching a lip balm or lip scrub, especially for indonesian. see you soon on my next post!




  1. Lipbalm nya pengen coba deh.

    1. hayoo dicobaaaa, enk loh lipbalmnya.. hihihi ^o^