May 6, 2014

review : Bathe - Pickmeup No. 5 pefume

Hello Gorgeous!

yaaay review time! do you know what was that?? something with spray head.. hihiihi it's a perfume! This one named "Pickmeup no.5"  with 10 ml / 0.3 oz size.
I got this from Cosmekita event. Cosmekita give us all a goodiebag full of products for review purpose, and that review will be up on their website as a guide for you to get know the product better. so lets get knowing this perfume together.

the brand of this perfume is BATHE" , pretty new brand for me, we will talk about the brand at the end, so  let's talk about the packaging first.
this perfume come in slim and tall glassbottle, with plastic cap,  the size 11, 5 x 1.25 cm,  with white sticker wrote Bathe pickmeup no.5, sho'[rt description, ingredients, and warning. so this is travel friendly, but yet have a risk to bring it along, because of that glass bottle. be careful! but as i know, perfume need glass bottle. if perfume in plastic, sun can get through plastic and made change to the formula, so your perfume will smell different than it suppose to be.
asyou can see, the color is soft green, just like green tea color.

this is the spray head, pretty common head, nothing special for me. if you can see there is a small pink printed on the  white sticker, it is Bathe logo, a duck. sorry i dont have a clear picture of the duck..

i was trying to capture spraying process and i want to get the water when it was on air, and i was so failed.. >.<

this is the description, ingredients and warnings.
as they ask what number are you?, i assume this have another number with another smell. 
this PICKMEUP no.5 infuses with essence of honeysuckle, violet, honey + green tea with fragrant oil. the most stand out is green tea. 

  i've tried this perfume in a week, and   here is my opinion..
- when first time i open the cap, i can smell the sweet of  green tea , like you drink a green tea with honey and sugar, so much sweet  sense.
- this perfume last for 2 hours in my skin. after 2 hours, all the  smell was gone and change into baby powder  smell. The sweet sense still stick in my skin too.
- i tried to spray it on my jacket, and the green tea last more longer, i think up to 5 hours my  jacket still smell like green tea + soap sweet.
- this is good for day and night, but be careful, dont spray too much, because it have strong smell.
- the one who will love this is who love green tea so much and who love sweet sense so much.
- and last, this perfume dont iritated my skin at all..
I don't know how much this perfume is, but i'm sure it cost not more than IDR 150.000 ($14)

At last, le's talk about the brand.
Bathe is a local brand, from Bali, Indonesia to be exact. Bathe produce bath and other skin needed product,  like  shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, body butter, body oil, antiseptic hand wash, bubble bath, sea salt, etc.

The stylishly conservative founder had an idea to create a full range of paraffin + parabin-free bath products packed full with as many naturally-derived ingredients as possible. She also wanted to create lines of bath-ware goods that consumers really want. And all of this with the idea to make bath time fun again.
+ craving for just simply damn good products
+ full-on stylish branded design
+ affordable, feel good pricing
= Bathe

if you love to rty it, you can visit Bathe in  
Jalan Petitenget 100 xx
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Across the street from W Retreat & Spa and Kayana Resorts
open monday - sunday from 10.00 A.M till 08.00 P.M

or online
Phone 1. +62 361 473 7580

Hope my review can give you any information you needed, thank you for reading..
see you on my next post!




  1. aku punya hand washnya dan suka wanginya :D
    kebayang perfumenya wanginya enak2 natural gitu.

    1. hihihi iyaaah, enak yah wanginya . klo ke bali hrs mampir..