Feb 18, 2014

Review : Ageha POP Aqua Blue - New design

 Hello Gorgeous!!
Hello Gorgeous!!

 today i will introduce tou to a new design of Ageha lens again..
this time it named Ageha POP Aqua. by aqua, yes it is blue :) this Ageha Pop has 2 color to pick, blue and grey.. you can check the grey one on other JAPAN Softlens Brand Ambassador .

 here the detail look for this Ageha Pop. if you look closer, this lens have outer ring, blue stroke and little black dots as the inner ring. super cute design. as i know, now Ageha Pop just have normal lens ready stock. but you can order the minusone as soon as possible. just keep in touch with JAPAN Softlens so you can updated with the news..

 here is before after me using the lens.  Ageha pop come in 14mm diameter, so it doesn't give you larger eyes effect. this lens are just same comfortable as other Ageha i ever tried.

There i got 2 eye makeup on 1 grid, the orange- purple-yellow one i take in midnight with LED light. and the smokey taupe one i take in daylight under the sun light. the lens color is changing by the lighting you have. it will look like dark blue if you got minimum light. for me, the blue color is pretty, but i would love if there is more light blue like sky blue color. i want a clear blue like natural western blue eyes have. Who ever watch "HOUSE MD" film? i love Dr. House eyes color so much.. *o* wish one day  JAPAN Softlens have it.. :)

 i dont have any complain on this lens, just love it :) 
oh yeah, it just a lil bit tricky to get bright color of it. you need to look  up an put your camera  high.
 so, if you wan to ask future question about the lens, you can contact  JAPAN Softlens  owner (ce Yulia) through some socmed here

and wait for my tutorial for this 2 eye makeup ;))
will post it soon!!




  1. loved it! looks slightly purple for awhile. Beautiful colour <3

  2. warnany vivid banget yaaaa *w* bagusnyaa

  3. warnyaaaa *O*
    riri cantik sekali di fotonya :D

    1. yg cakep softlensnya nuri.. hahahaha
      makasiii syg... :* hihihi