Feb 9, 2014

introducing new lens design from JAPAN SOFTLENS

eh ke-caps lock jdi gedai" tlsannya.. wkkwk
anyway, how was your day??
today i want to introduce you to new lens design from Ageha Japan Softlens..
This lens is sent to me for review purpose..
lets take a look!
firs time i look at the blister, i was shock.. it looks like there is no lens in there but when you take a look closely, there is a transparent with grey pattern lens..
the lens name is : D Type, the owner said she haven't think the right name for this lens so they ask we all to suggest her what name would suit this lens best.. you can tell us your optional names by leave comment below.
the diameter is 14 so it doesn't give you large dolly eyes effect, but you can request the diameter for sure..

see, transparent lens with soft grey pattern. i though with that soft color, the color wont be appear that good on my black eyes, but....

first words come in my mind is "Glass Flake"
seems like your eyes have that sparkling glass flake..
i dont know how to describe this lens with words, i just .. ah, i lost my words..
for me, i like this design, unique pattern, enchanting my eyes, super comfortable like all other Ageha, wont look like alien when you wear it.. hahaha
and here some eye makeup i've ever made with using this Lens

this lens is haven't launch yet, but if you want this new design so bad, you can leave your comment here to tell the owner for produce this lens quickly.. hahaha

and also Japan Softlens do worldwide shipping if you shop on their website. so you no need to worry you cant bough this lens.. :)
JAPAN Softlens
081 - 807 - 909033
Line @ YuliaLusiana
Instagram @JapanSoftlens
Twitter @JapanSoftlens
  do you love this design??
Thank you for reading, see you soon!!




  1. aww... cute! loving the seamless circle! make the eyes stand out more <3

    1. yup, so cuteee :))
      thank you for leaving comment

  2. You have a very pretty eyes..
    Love it! I followed your blog already. Do you mind to do the same? :)

    Keep in touch!

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