Apr 26, 2014

Revew : Ageha super Big Brown

Hello Gorgeous!!

Today i will do show you another lens from Japan Softlens. here is Ageha Super big brown. ii've used this lens for a month now.. This Super big series have 2 choice of color, brown and grey. i ever review the grey one in here..

so, Japan Softlens is a vendor in Bali, Indonesia who sold a made in Japan Softlens, named Ageha Softlens. Japan softlens also ship worldwide.
Ageha Softlens is made with 4 times laboratory check, so the quality is super best quality for sure.  and Japan softlens guarantee us this  lens is American FDA (food and drugs administration) approved.

Normal to Minus 8
Color ----> Brown
Life time ----> 6 Bulan
Base Curve  -----> BC 8.8mm
Diameter -----> Diameter saat dipakai17.0mm(DIA15.0)
Type -----> AGEHA / Super Big Series
 Price -----> Rp. 178,000 ($16)

Detail Agha Super big brown

see, this lens do give me bigger dolly eyes :D and i love it.... i think my eyes more pop out and alife..
and dont worry, because this lens is super comfortable, even for sensitive eyes.. and lately i realize my eyes is kind of fussy eyes.. hahaha
if my lens got a little dirt, my eyes will shout out loud! you know what i mean ;p
so, make sure you have clean hand before taking the lens and clean it out after used..
dont say the lens is bad because of your dirty hands!

if you want this lens, you can bought it at Japan Softlens site or this contact below
Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡
klik link diatas dan dapatkan promo free ongkir p 15.000 dan poin 5% yg bisaa dipakai utk pembelanjaan selanjutnya 

And here is some of my makeup tutorial using this Brown lens, which one do you like??



so, i think i love big sircle lens.. softlens makes my eyes looks more pretty.. how about you??

see you on m next post!




  1. duh pengen belii jadinya softlennya.. tp takut pake softlen,,gr2 dlu pernah iritasi .. tp bagus kayanya T.T *manusia galau*

    1. huee, cobain aja dlu rikaa, siapa tau yg ini cocokndi km, ga iritasi... :))

  2. suka sekali sama hasilnya! bikin mata bener2 terlihat besar :)


    1. iaa beb.. hihihi matanya jadi besar dan dolly.. XD yuk cobain ..