Jun 18, 2014

Review : Sugar pot - Sugar Waxing at home

Hello Gorgeous!!

sorry for missing from the earth! hahaha aku lagi sibuk mencari sesuap nasi dan segenggam berlian #eeaaa back to the topic, today i will do reviewing a waxing product! I got this waxing product from sugarpot, the only home waxing product that i know.. hehehe if you follow my Instagram @ri_ri_riyanti you will know that i've got this sugar waxing a month ago and finally now i can do a review to share my experience do waxing at home.

so, first let me introduce you to this waxing at home thing!
what do you do to get rid your unwanted hair?? plug it? shave it? Over the time, a lot of developments in the world of beauty. For hair removal, we have many more way to do it,the one i will talk in this post is with waxing method. what is waxing? waxing is one of hair removal method using sugar.

as i know, waxing is one of salon treatment and they have some procedure to do it.. sometimes people are just too lazy or too busy to go to salon and now  thanks to sugarpot, now we can do waxing at home!!! i'm so excited when they contact me to give me a chance trying this waxing at home thing!
FYI, i'm the one who sooo lazy to go to salon just for waxing! since i know about waxing, i never excited about getting waxing, but now i change my mind after trying this!!

up there i show you the manual guide to do this waxing.
and for now, lets get to know this sugarpot waxing things more detai..
first, this sugarpot is Indonesian product! i'm so happy i can do suppport our Local Brand! Sugarpot was established in April 2012. Sugarpot using natural, high quality, save and non chemical materials. it makes sugarpot save to used even to sensitive skin.

Sugarpot got 4 variant: honey, chocolate, strawberry milk and matcha flavor. here i got strawberry milk and matcha one. this waxing sugar have super thick and sticky texture, sweet candy smell.
the most unique thing about waxing sugar is when i touch it, it was so sticky and mess around my hand. But when i pour water in my hand, suddenly the sticky feelings gone!! like magic..
i swear this is the most stickiest thing i ever touch. i never like to touch sticky things because they left that sticky feelings in my hand,  but this sugrpot are different.

let me show you my leg before and after using this wax

- before i do waxing, you can see my leg hair clearly there.
- rub baby powder before you put waxing sugar on your skin. just apply thin layer of sugar, because if you put too much sugar, it will be too thick and you cant pull all the sugar off.
- i lost 1 process, put on the gauze. :( press the gauze to the sugar for 2 - 5 minutes to make sure all sugar stick on it and ready to pull off.
this is the scariest step to be done! i'm so scared this is going to be hurts. and the fact is not that bad laa, just a litle bit shock.. hahahha better than plucking one by one.
- my after sugaring process leg, all the hair i've cover with sugar before are gone!! super effective.. i got super soft and bright skin and hair free leg!
- here is my leg after a month. i dont wax other part around that have waxed area for a month to test out how long my leg hair will grow and will it be darker? and the result are my leg hair grow so slowly, my skin feels soft, my leg hair dont get darker than before

after waxing
after  a month
sorry for gross picture

so, my whole oppinion about this waxing product:

+ easy to used
+ can be used with or without pre-heat
+ effective for removing unwanted hair
+ no need go to salon for waxing
+ didnt hurt that much like plucking
+ have many flavor
+ can be done alone
+ make my skin soft and bright

-  sugarpot dont  publish all the ingredients they used
i think i dont have much complain for this product. i will do update if i found something!

i've using this waxing quite much and i love the result.. hihiihi have you tried waxing at home??
so, what you are waiting fore? go get your own waxing kit now!!

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WA & SMS : 0838-9340-2472 
 E-mail: sugarpotwax@yahoo.com
Instagram @sugarpotwax
 Fast order thru web: http://www.sugarpotwax.com

Thank you for reading, i hope this review do help you
see you on my next post!




  1. cc minta berliannya ri.. Hahaha..
    Udah coba tapi pengen coba yng strawberry nih.. hihi

    1. haduh cee, susah carinya, jgn dimintaa laa.. hahahha
      cus cobain.. aku pgn coba yg honey dan coklat.. hahaha
      mau coba semuaa.. ;)